Food Hygiene

At Go Mmm, one of our key principles is that  all our products are handled within full health and safety guidelines. You can be sure that every item that leaves us has been handled with the utmost care and has been quality tested thoroughly.

Our products arrive in factory-sealed containers and are only opened when needed and are then placed in air-tight jars. To ensure maximum freshness, we only ever open our air-tight containers when preparing an order for a customer. We never leave products out, ensuring that each scoop has come directly from an air-tight atmosphere.

Certified Food Health and Safety

Food Health and Safety and Allergy Awareness Training

We hold certificates Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering and Food Health and Safety Level 2 and Food Allergy Awareness. Not only this, we maintain a strict food health and safety system with a Food Safety Management document provided by the Food Standards Agency.